Hearings on Bills that Impact Teacher Evaluations and Dismissal

Education Committee to Hold Hearing on a Bill That Impacts

Teacher Performance Evaluation & the Teacher Fair Dismissal Law

On Thursday, March 17th, the legislature’s Education Committee will have a public hearing on Raised Bill No. 1160  An Act Concerning School Transportation, The Development of A Model Teacher Performance Evaluation System, And Teacher Tenure Laws And Cooperative Arrangements   This bill rewrites laws affecting teacher evaluation and the teacher fair dismissal law.  The bill was initiated by the American Federation of Teachers – Connecticut (AFT-CT).  It includes some issues of concern:

  • It gives principals the power to commence the dismissal process on their own.
  • It short-circuits the revision of teacher evaluation guidelines that was set in motion last year by the passage of Public Act 10-111,  An Act Concerning Education Reform In Connecticut, with CEA’s active  support and involvement.  CEA has been working collaboratively with other stakeholders to this end since last June.
  • It creates rigid timelines for teacher remediation and termination.

CEA will be testifying about the issues that concern it at Thursday’s hearing.  Following the hearing, we will share with you any new developments.  We may also seek your assistance in contacting your legislators.

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