Education Bill Dies in Committee

From CEA yesterday afternoon…

Education Committee Takes No Action On


Teacher Seniority and Layoff Procedures Under Fire, Bill Dies in Committee

On Friday, March 25, the Education Committee had its last meeting to report out favorably on various education issues that it had public hearings on including Raised Bill 6324 An Act Concerning Teacher Employment Criteria.  CEA Legal Counsel Ronald Cordilico, who testified against the bill at the hearing on February 23, said if the bill became law it would be “a swift, surprising, and draconian act in view of a system that has provided stability of expectations over the years.” On Friday, the committee took no action on the bill and thereby killed the bill.

You Were Heard

As the committee and its leadership was considering this bill, they were hearing from the public school teachers of Connecticut.  Repeatedly, as members of CEA’s lobbying team had one on one meetings with the members of the Education Committee, legislators stated that they were hearing from their teachers on this issue.  Clearly, your involvement was critical to helping defeat this legislation.

Thank You!

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