Madison Teachers Rallied in Hartford

Last week teachers rallied for public education at the State Capitol urging legislators to get reform done right, and as you can see from the picture on the right, Madison teachers were there. A big thank you to Mary Ellen Babik, Erin Smith, and all of those who attended, but our work is not done yet. The governor has vowed to veto the bill that came out of the Education Committee. Closed door meetings are still being held in the capitol as law makers continue to negotiate and shape this bill. Your legislators need to hear your voice, so continue to send e-mails, write letters, and most importantly, call them. Use the link below to find your rep’s contact info.


A move to ban collective bargaining for teachers in low-performing schools is picking up steam fast in the State House of Representatives.

It’s urgent that you contact your state representative and ask him/her to oppose Governor Malloy’s proposal that would eliminate your rights and give unprecedented power to the Commissioner of Education so he can:

·       take control of Network Schools,

·       make teachers reapply for their jobs,

·       ban collective bargaining,

·       and turn public schools over to third parties, including for-profit companies.

This is critical to ALL teachers-those in both high-performing and low-performing schools.

If union-busters were to get their feet in the door with legislation affecting many urban and rural schools, statutes impacting all schools would soon follow.

With a week left in the session, call your state representative now:

House Democrats  1-800-842-1902                House Republicans  1-800-842-1423

For a sample of some of the local news coverage of last week’s rallies, watch the video below…

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