MOA Ratified

Last Wednesday, March 20 MEA members met in the Polson Middle School auditorium to vote on a proposed Memorandum of Agreement that would minimize the number of extreme weather days teachers would have to make up at the end of June. This agreement would reduce the number of calendar work days in our contract from 188 to 186, but would require our members to attend professional development workshops outside of the normal work day in lieu of attending two 6-hour professional development sessions that would occur after June 27 and/or during April vacation.  The decision of how to make up the 12 hours outside of the normal work day will be determined on a school-by-school basis at the building level. Currently the last day of school for students is June 25. June 26 and 27 will each be used for a full day of professional development for teachers. A teacher who is legitimately absent due to a sick day or personal day on June 26 or June 27 will be charged a sick or personal day.  If the teacher is legitimately absent on any of the extended work days, then the amount of time debited will be equivalent to the length of the extension, but not to exceed 1¼ sick or personal day.

A motion was carried to vote on this proposed MOA, and it was ratified unanimously. To view the full MOA, click here.

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