This Year’s MEA Grant Winners

Every year, the Madison Education Association makes available to all Madison teachers 8 $100 teaching grants that can be used at the winning teachers’ discretion for enhancing instruction by purchasing books/materials, equipment, supplemental materials, or anything deemed necessary to enhance your curriculum. Here are this year’s winners and how they plan on using the grant money:

• Sue Daub, P.E., Ryerson…To purchase pedometers to support lessons focusing on exercise.

• Ruth Smerek, 2nd grade, Jeffrey…To purchase books to supplement a second grade author study of Cynthia Rylant .

• Lauren Ramondetta, 5th grade, Social Studies, Brown MS…To purchase materials to supplement a unit on the American Revolution and Civil War in 5th grade.

• Mike Ginsburg, 4th grade, Island Avenue…To purchase a USB mic and app to create math lessons on an iPad to post for parents.

• Missy Hartmann, Social worker, Jeffrey/IAS/Ryerson…To purchase books and games to enhance lessons in social cognition.

• Lisa Aronson, SpEd, Jeffrey…To purchase mentor texts to support students’ units of study throughout the grade levels.

• Alicia Dunbar, 4th grade, Ryerson…To purchase grade appropriate teaching materials that are aligned with Common Core standards to help enhance learning center time.

• Erica Browne, DHHS, Science…To purchase materials in order to incorporate a case study for her anatomy course in Biology.

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