Your Chance to Voice Your Concerns to Your State Legislators

regional-teacher-meetings-graphicI know from multiple conversations with colleagues that many of you are feeling overwhelmed by our new evaluation plan requirements, especially if you are on the unit study cycle. But did you know that if the State had its way, we’d essentially all be on the unit study cycle every single year? The challenges of getting assimilated to a new eval plan can be stressful, especially one that is more rigorous than what we’ve had up until this year. While our new plan may not be perfect, it’s hard to argue with the fact that it’s designed to focus on what actually matters in teaching and learning, as opposed to the State’s SEED model.

As a district, we’re committed to getting this right, and your voices will play a big role in that. But we should all be concerned about what could happen to us and our evaluation plan if the State ignores evidence-based approaches like ours and marches on with its wrong-headed approach that places emphasis on standardized testing and an excessive use of disjointed, multiple teacher observations.

So what can you do to help? Let your voice be heard. Join your colleagues and participate in Regional Teacher Meetings with state legislators. This is your opportunity to educate legislators about meaningful changes that will improve education in Connecticut would look like.

Meetings are free and will take place from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Food will be provided.

Register for a meeting in your area by clicking here and logging in with your member ID. If you don’t know your member ID, you can look it up here.

Monday, January 13
The Gold Eagle, Dayville

Tuesday, January 14
Georgina’s, Bolton

Wednesday, January 15
Crowne Plaza Cromwell

Thursday, January 16
Cascade’s, Hamden

Tuesday, January 21
The Spa at the Norwich Inn

Wednesday, January 22
The Chowder Pot, Hartford

Thursday, January 23
Crystal Peak, Winchester

Monday, January 27
Cinzano’s, Fairfield

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