Teacher Evaluation Pilot Study Released

img_teacher-eval-studyThe Connecticut Department of Education released the UConn Neag School of Education report on the implementation of SEED, Connecticut’s system for educator evaluation and development, in the 10 pilot districts/consortia during the 2012-13 school year.

The 81-page report found that “SEED was implemented with a relatively high degree of fidelity.” It also outlined issues and challenges, some of which our may sound familiar, as we undergo the adoption of our own new evaluation plan here in Madison. A close reading, however, should shed light on the fact that our plan seems less bogged down in compliance issues and allows teachers and evaluators to focus more on meaningful conversations around teaching and learning.

Other important news from the CEA website includes recent meetings at the State Legislative Office Building with members of Education Mandate Relief Task Force.  CEA Policy Director Linette Branham was one several representatives from various stake-holder groups who addressed concerns about the State’s SEED model plan. Branham shared with the task force ideas directly from teachers to improve the process and increase flexibility. Click here to read the document.

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