Teachers’ Retirement Statement Error and What to Do About Them…

Update on Teachers’ Retirement Statements:

Some members have recently received an annual statement from the Teachers’ Retirement Board (TRB) with incomplete or erroneous  information related to service credit and salary for the 2013-14 school year.  Some of these are legitimate errors and some reflect a problem with the reported information received from the school districts.  The TRB is in the process of determining which errors can be easily corrected and which will require further attention. The process is expected to take at least through the current school year to resolve.   Members are advised to refrain from contacting the TRB at this time.  Once the TRB has completed its research and corrections, you will receive an updated member statement or further information about legitimate discrepancies related to the information on your statement. However, you should retain a copy of the statement and if, by the end of this school year, you do not receive any follow up information from them, you should send a copy of your statement with an explanation of any errors to the TRB (765 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105-2822 Attn: Member Statements).  It is not necessary to notify CEA of any errors in your statement since they must be resolved directly with the TRB.

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