MEA 2016-17 Election Results

The election results for next year’s slate of MEA officers are in. Here’s who was voted into office for the 2016-17 school year:I Voted

President – Michael Ginsburg

Vice-president – Mary Ellen Babik

Treasurer – Steve Isleib

Secretary – Erin Smith

At yesterday’s meeting, members in attendance also voted unanimously to approve next year’s operating budget.

In addition, the Executive Board also used a new process for the first time yesterday whereby Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) between the BOE and the MEA are voted on by our rank and file members. The two MOU’s on the table were unanimously ratified by those in attendance.

One MOU allows for the flexible scheduling of workday start and end times at Polson Middle School. This MOU was developed in response to some teacher and parent child care/supervision concerns related to the later start time at Polson next year.

The other MOU concerned the temporary teaching of an extra class by members of the Spanish Department at Polson. It also was ratified unanimously.

Thanks to all who came out to vote!

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