Student Assault Workshop

The topic of handling and preventing student assaults has been brought up by some of our building reps, and there is a workshop coming up on January 30 in North Stonington for anyone who is interested. It is run by CEA’s Robyn Kaplan Cho. It would be great if we could get one or two people to attend this conference. See the flyer below for details.

CEA student assault workshopAs the demands to address all of a student’s academic and emotional needs have increased, it is vitally important that all teachers are informed of their legal rights and duties related to assaults by students.

In this timely workshop, you will learn:

  • What preventive actions you should take to protect yourself and your students before an incident occurs.
  • What procedures you can and should take in the event you are assaulted by a student.
  • What actions you are allowed to take under Connecticut law if self-defense is necessary to prevent further injury to yourself or to other staff or students.
  • Why it’s important to report any assaults or threats of assaults to your principal – and the reporting requirements of principals if there is an assault.
  • What your Association can do to help you take whatever steps are appropriate to protect your rights as an employee, including measures to provide a safer workplace for everyone in the building.
  • What safety provisions can be negotiated in your collective bargaining agreement related to student assaults.

Workshop Length: 2 hours

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