2019-2022 Contract Ratified by MEA Members

On November 16, MEA members voted overwhelmingly (96% yes to 4% no) to ratify a negotiated settlement agreement for a new three-year contract that will go into effect July 1, 2019, pending the outcome of the Board of Education’s ratification vote at its next meeting.  If ratified by the BOE, the new contract will reflect a total of a 8.6 percent increase in the total salary budget over three years, with step movement all three years. At the time of this settlement, the average 3-year salary increase negotiated this year in the State of Connecticut is 8.48 percent. There will be a 2.87 percent total wage increase in the contract’s first year with step movement and an elimination of the current Step 1. In the second year of the agreement, there is a total wage increase of 2.84 percent with step movement. In the third year of the agreement, there is a total wage increase of 2.89 percent with step movement. Due to our high step increment costs (2.5%) with nearly two-thirds of our members moving up the steps, for members on the top step of the salary schedule, there will be wage increases of .75 percent in Year 1, 1 percent in Year 2, and 1 percent in Year 3.

Regarding health insurance, your Negotiations Team held firm in keeping our deductible at $2,000 for individuals/$4,000 for families and having the BOE continue to contribute 50% of the deductible to our Health Savings Accounts. This, despite trends across the state that see deductibles rising and Boards of Education contributing less than 50%. There will be no increase to our premium cost share in Year 1, and  increases by 1 percentage point per year in both Year 2 and Year 3.

For details on this contract, including language changes, please see one of your building reps.

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