Retirement Workshop at Polson

The MEA will be hosting a regional CEA retirement workshop at Polson Middle School on April 12, 4:15-6:30. This comprehensive workshop will cover all issues related to the State Teachers’ Retirement System, such as retirement eligibility, purchasing additional service, how Social Security may be affected, retiree health insurance, and choosing a retirement plan. Take advantage of this opportunity to not have to travel very far to attend one of these highly informative workshops. Click here to register.
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Student Assault Workshop

The topic of handling and preventing student assaults has been brought up by some of our building reps, and there is a workshop coming up on January 30 in North Stonington for anyone who is interested. It is run by CEA’s Robyn Kaplan Cho. It would be great if we could get one or two people to attend this conference. See the flyer below for details.

CEA student assault workshopAs the demands to address all of a student’s academic and emotional needs have increased, it is vitally important that all teachers are informed of their legal rights and duties related to assaults by students.

In this timely workshop, you will learn:

  • What preventive actions you should take to protect yourself and your students before an incident occurs.
  • What procedures you can and should take in the event you are assaulted by a student.
  • What actions you are allowed to take under Connecticut law if self-defense is necessary to prevent further injury to yourself or to other staff or students.
  • Why it’s important to report any assaults or threats of assaults to your principal – and the reporting requirements of principals if there is an assault.
  • What your Association can do to help you take whatever steps are appropriate to protect your rights as an employee, including measures to provide a safer workplace for everyone in the building.
  • What safety provisions can be negotiated in your collective bargaining agreement related to student assaults.

Workshop Length: 2 hours

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Polson Teacher Martha Curran Honored at Teacher of the Year Ceremony

TOY ceremony

Polson Middle School English teacher Martha Curran was honored as one of the state’s four finalist this fall at Connecticut’s Teacher of the Year ceremony. We are so proud of Martha, who did a great job representing the incredibly talented teachers we have throughout the district. Read the full story here.

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Statement From CEA President Sheila Cohen on Passed Bipartisan Budget

teacher tax spark

As you probably know by now, the governor signed into law a state budget, passed with bipartisan support, that restores ECS funding to cities and towns but that imposes an unfair tax on teachers. While lawmakers tried to portray teachers’ increased pension contribution as anything but a tax, it is just that–a 1% tax on teachers that will cost the average teacher $750 per year, collectively raising $38 million in additional teacher payroll taxes. This increase does not ‘strengthen’ the teacher retirement fund or add to the fund at all. It simply increases the share that teachers pay into the Teacher Retirement System, and reduces the state’s share by the same amount.

Read CEA Present Sheila Cohen’s statements on the new budget here and here.

In other budget news, we received the following message from Ms. Cohen regarding the TEAM mentoring program:

SDE says 100% of TEAM funds were cut in the new state budget ($3 million). That includes all state funds for stipends, for training and RESCs, and other programmatic costs. The budget was not released for public scrutiny until the legislature was voting on it, so SDE is now unpacking all of the implications of cuts that were not vetted by the department. Unfortunately, the TEAM program line item in the budget was apparently called “Talent,” and legislators thought the $3 million was not earmarked for critical programs.

As a result, SDE is saying they will not be able to pay stipends for mentors, nor pay for the scoring of the five reflection papers–so they are waiving that requirement. SDE is not happy about this and is trying to determine how the TEAM program can be salvaged between now and next session, when there could be a request to restore the funding.

That is what we know at this point. We will keep everyone apprised and current as developments occur.

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CEA Retirement Workshops

Retirement may seem like a long way off, but in reality, it is never too early to plan for the future.

There is still time to register for CEA’s regional retirement workshops which begin next week and will be held across the state during the fall and early spring. These workshops provide CEA members with a comprehensive explanation and review of the benefits and rules related to the State Teachers’ Retirement System. Go to to register. It’s never too early to plan for the future!

Upcoming Workshops

September 18 Windsor High School Windsor
September 27 Torrington Middle School Torrington
October 5 Darien High School Darien
October 11 John F. Kennedy High School Waterbury
October 19 Parish Hill Middle/High School Chaplin
October 26 Portland Secondary School
(Portland High School and Portland Middle School)
November 2 Amity High School Woodbridge
November 16 Saxe Middle School New Canaan
November 30 South Windsor High School South Windsor
March 19 Enfield High School Enfield
March 29 Broadview Middle School Danbury
April 2 Montville High School Montville

These workshops are open to CEA members only.

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What Does CEA Do For Me?

We often wonder, What does the CEA actually do with our dues fees? Watch the video below to see how they’ve been advocating for us during a time when public education and its unions are increasingly under attack.

CEA vid

Note: You must sign into the CEA site to watch the video. Use the member ID lookup tool if you’ve forgotten your password…it’s really convenient and easy.
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Attend CEA’s Keep the Promise May 18 Rally UPDATE: Rally Postponed

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 8.57.22 AM

This rally has been postponed. Here’s a message from CEA president, Sheila Cohen:

Given the uncertainty and continually changing elements of the state budget, we are postponing our Keep Your Promise Rally scheduled for May 18.

More budget proposals are expected in the coming days, and we will review and update you on how these will impact education funding and teacher retirement.

Our thanks to all of you for your advocacy and willingness to fight for what is right. There is much more work to do before the session ends on June 7.

Watch for a call to action from CEA in the coming days and weeks, as we stand ready to fight against any attacks on our students, our profession, and our future.

We need you to continue to join with your colleagues in engaging your legislators on these important issues.

We are stronger together.

CEA is urging legislators to reject any budget proposal that shifts the state’s responsibility for education funding and teacher retirement onto Connecticut’s cities and towns.

This proposed cost shift would result in

  • higher property taxes
  • teacher layoffs
  • larger class sizes
  • reductions in critical student support services
  • elimination of programs such as foreign language and full-day kindergarten in many districts

WHO: You
WHAT: Please attend the rally. Sign up by going to
WHEN: Thursday, May 18, 2017 5:00 p.m.
WHERE: North Lawn of the State Capitol Building, Hartford
Buses are available in every county. Bus routes are subject to change

Legislators are much more likely to understand the consequences of a cost-shift plan if they see the very people who will be affected by it: teachers, students, parents, and members of the communities legislators serve and represent.

Please come—be seen—be heard—on May 18. Remember, we are strongertogether.

Source: Attend Our May 18 Rally

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